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         ABOUT ME

I’m Elizabeth (Liz) Greenberg and I have lived in Derry since 2014 when I moved here with my wife, Deborah, from Rochester, New York. I have worked for over 40 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the field of mental health treatment with children, families, and individuals. I am a long time member of my professional organization, National Association of Social Workers New Hampshire and am pleased to have their endorsement of my candidacy.

I am proud to have been elected three times to serve as a Trustee of the Derry Public Library and to have served the community of Derry in this capacity for over nine years. Under my leadership as Chair of the Board, we have hired a new library director, been one of the only libraries in the state to remain open to serve patrons under Covid safe guidelines, and earned the coveted Library of the Year award last year.

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Protection and Safety

To work towards the protection of the rights and safety of LGBTQIA+ persons of all ages, but especially vulnerable youth.

Reproductive Justice

To fight for reproductive justice and access to all forms of health care including abortion care.

Public Schools

To work toward returning tax dollars to public school funding and to protect academic freedom in the classroom.

Mental Health

To improve access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services.

Responsible Gun Ownership

To reduce gun violence via common sense laws supported by the majority of citizens while respecting Second Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership.

Green Initiatives

To support Green Initiatives and development of Alternative Energy sources to reduce the impact of global warming


To work towards the legalization and taxation of recreational cannabis in NH

Affordable Child Care

To work toward realistic support for young families with children, as well as for grandparents raising their grandchildren.

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